Why is My Car Leaking Water?

Car Leaking puddle under tire

It’s startling to find any sort of puddle under your vehicle, but if your car is leaking water, it’s usually not a cause for concern. Your car’s air conditioning system creates condensation when it’s running, so it’s not uncommon to find puddles toward the rear of the engine. The AC isn’t the only cause; if you find water near the tailpipe, chances are it’s exhaust condensation. Of course, while a car leaking water isn’t a big deal, there are other problems involving leaking fluids that may require a visit to our service center.

Finding the Source of a Water Leak

If you’ve spotted water leaking from under car, there are steps you can take to figure out the source:

  • One of the easiest ways to figure out what kind of fluid you’re dealing with is to place a sheet of white paper under the leak. If the color of the liquid is anything but clear, you may have an oil leak, transmission fluid leak, or coolant leak.
  • How much water is leaking? If it’s more than a small puddle, you may be dealing with a blown gasket, which causes coolant and fuel to burn. This creates excessive amounts of water and white smoke from the exhaust.
  • Double-check the coolant level. Schedule a service appointment near Chicago to get it adjusted if it’s low.
  • You may have a leak in your windshield wiper fluid reservoir. When water freezes and expands inside the reservoir, it can cause the plastic to crack and create small puddles near the front of the car.

Condensation is normal, but if you have a more serious problem like low coolant or a cracked reservoir, visit our team near Northbrook and Park Ridge!

Identifying Fluid Leaking from Your Car

So, if you do the paper test and the fluid isn’t clear, what could be the problem? Use the following guide to identify the type of liquid:

  • Dark Brown: Older engine oil or brake fluid
  • Light Brown: Fresher engine oil or gear lubricant
  • Red: Power steering fluid or transmission fluid
  • Pink: Power steering fluid or transmission fluid
  • Yellow: Radiator coolant
  • Orange: Radiator coolant or transmission fluid
  • Green: Antifreeze from the water pump, hoses, or radiator
  • Blue: Windshield wiper fluid

Rely on Jennings Volkswagen for Expert Service!

If your vehicle is leaking fluid — and it’s not water — our certified service team can help diagnose and fix the problem. Do you have questions about our services and service specials? Contact our service center directly! We’re available Monday through Saturday to answer your questions and service your vehicle.