What is VW Park Distance Control?

November 13th, 2015 by

New driver assistance technology is one of the best additions to the 2016 Volkswagen lineup. In fact, most new Volkswagen models have some if not all of these safety features available. Here at Jennings Volkswagen, we like to inform drivers about the capability of Volkswagen vehicles, so we have been providing information about the driver assistance features that are available. This time we’re going to be discussing Volkswagen Park Distance Control, which, like the Parking Steering Assistant, makes parking easier than ever. So, what is VW Park Distance Control? When parking, this feature will allow you to keep track of how close you are to other objects and vehicles. With Park Distance Control, parking is incredibly easy and far less stressful.

Have you ever had the unfortunate situation where you were trying to parallel park and you just could not get into the spot without issues? If you are like most drivers, you probably hate parallel parking. Between trying to get correctly positioned next to the curb and avoiding the vehicles parked in front of and behind your car, it can be a daunting experience. Park Distance Control, on the other hand, makes it much easier to avoid the vehicles and other objects around your car.

How Does Volkswagen Park Distance Control Work?

The Park Distance Control system uses ultrasonic sensors to monitor in front of and behind the vehicle. The sensors can monitor a distance of up to 5 feet and will activate when the vehicle is in reverse at a speed below 9 miles per hour.

While using Park Distance Control, the rearview camera screen will show static and dynamic guidelines. This is meant to offer the driver a full view around the vehicle to gauge the distance from nearby vehicles and other elements when either parallel or perpendicular parking.

There will also be audible and visual signals to alert the driver when the vehicle is getting to close to another object or car. The audible signal will be a series of beeps and the closer your car gets to an approaching object, the closer together those beeps will be. This warning allows you to easily keep track of your distance from outside objects when parking.

Volkswagen Park Distance Control is standard on select 2016 models including the CC V6 4Motion Executive, e-Golf SEL Premium, Jetta Hybrid, Jetta GLI, Touareg Lux, and Touareg Executive. Other 2016 vehicles that have Park Distance Control available include the Golf, Golf GTI, Golf R, Golf SportWagen, and Touareg Sport w/Tech. If you would like to learn more about this feature and see for yourself how it works, contact our staff here at Jennings Volkswagen or reach out to a VW dealer near you.