Driving Model Selection Allows You to Drive Your Way

December 22nd, 2015 by

When it comes to new Volkswagen vehicles, you’ve got a pretty impressive lineup of models to choose from. Each VW model has its own set of great features that make it unique in a market where a vehicle can easily blend in with the crowd. We’ve gone over some of these features previously, like the available driver assistance systems, but there is one feature for the high-performing models you may not know much about. We’re talking about Driving Mode Selection, which is a great addition to both the Golf GTI and Golf R. So, what is Volkswagen Driving Mode Selection, exactly?

What is Volkswagen Driving Mode Selection?

Driving Mode Section is a high-tech feature that can be controlled through the equipped vehicle’s touchscreen, which essentially allows you to choose how you want to drive. This features gives you the ability to choose if you want to drive in Normal mode, Sport (or Race) mode, or Individual mode. While driving, each mode will create a different feel through a few of the equipped vehicle’s systems.

In Normal mode, the vehicle is set up for balanced driving with regular steering and engine performance. Sport mode can be found on the 2016 VW Golf GTI and Race mode can be found on the 2016 VW Golf R. These more high-performance modes change up the steering, engine and transmission performance, and Adaptive-Front Lighting System (AFS) to provide a more sport-oriented driving experience.

Individual mode will allow you to adjust all these aspects on your own to either sport or normal mode, and customize how you want the vehicle to feel and handle while you’re driving.

To use the Driving Mode Selection feature, you’ll just press the “Mode” button next to the shift knob in the equipped vehicle and choose your selection using the touchscreen. This feature is a great addition to the high-performing vehicles in the Volkswagen lineup and allows you a freer, more personalized driving experience.

If you would like to learn more about Driving Mode Selection, or any of the great features for Volkswagen models, reach out to our staff here at Jennings Volkswagen or contact a VW dealer near you.