What is the Volkswagen KESSY locking and starting system?

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What do I do if I lose my Volkswagen key?

Automotive inventions have always been some of the most impressive advancements out there. It seems crazy to think back to a time when power accessories didn’t exist, having a radio was a luxury, and more vehicles didn’t have seatbelts than did. Keys alone have come a long way; at one point in time, not all that long ago, some vehicles required two separate keys.

Now we live in a world of key fobs that can be used to lock, unlock, pop the trunk, and even start the vehicle remotely. Even these have become outdated compared to new advanced key systems, but the problem is, when you lose one or break one, it’s not as simple as going to a locksmith and having a duplicate made. A number of VW drivers have raised the question, “What do I do if I lose my Volkswagen key?

Well, you’ll have to buy a whole new Volkswagen. We’re just kidding, but the reality of the situation is that it will take a bit more time and cost more money to replace an advanced key such as this. If you damage or lose yours, the first step would be to get in contact with an authorized dealer, like us at Jennings VW. We will be able to order a new one, but like we said, it will take a bit of time and won’t be all that cheap.

What is KESSY Locking and Starting System

Every automaker has a different name for their locking and starting system. Volkswagen’s is KESSY which is designed to provide the maximum amount of convenience. Only your key works with your particular vehicle, serving as a built in security system. As soon as the driver is approximately 5-feet away, the Volkswagen is able to sense your key. Without having to turn a key in a lock, you’ll be able to open you car, and instead of turning a key in the ignition, with the press of a start/stop button, you’ll be able to start the vehicle.

So you can see, a key with so many built in electronic pieces will take a little more time and money to replace but the convenience is well worth it.

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