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Volkswagen Transmission Fluid Exchange in Glenview, IL

Of all the vital systems in today’s modern cars and trucks, the most complex of them all might be the transmission. Your transmission has the tough job of transferring mechanical power from the engine all the way to the wheels, and it must do this in different gears under different loads. Most drivers have very high expectations of the functionality of this system. We expect it to perform so well that we are unaware it is even working. To maintain this level of performance requires extreme engineering precision. It also requires regular care, maintenance, and careful use. Here at Jennings Volkswagen, our team of highly trained and experienced transmission technicians will perform regular transmission inspections to prevent avoidable problems and reduce the necessity of expensive repairs.

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Transmission Inspection

There are two basic types of transmission inspection, internal and external. In most cases, performing an internal transmission inspection is a major operation. Fortunately, we can diagnose most potential problems with an external inspection by analyzing signs on the casing of the transmission, the transmission behavior, and analyzing the condition of your transmission fluid. Here are some of the ways we can diagnose transmission trouble:

  • Trouble Going into Gear: If you have trouble putting your vehicle into gear, you may be new at operating your manual transmission, or your gears may be worn or out of their proper position.
  • Burning Smells: The presence of a burning smell during or shortly after changing gears likely indicates the grinding of internal components, creating excess heat and friction.
  • Slipping Out of Gear: Like having trouble going into gear, trouble staying in gear means that some gears in your transmission may be worn out of shape or have fallen out of position.
  • Clutch Drag: When the clutch disk fails to disengage from the flywheel, you have a dragging clutch. This will cause problems quickly and should be remedied asap.
  • Leaking or Burned Fluid: Most transmissions do a good job of containing fluid. If it leaks, that usually means the system is under excessive stress—burned fluid results from excessive friction and heat, which signifies mechanical problems.

Volkswagen Transmission Fluid Exchange

A transmission fluid exchange should be performed at regular intervals. After the old fluid is removed and clean fluid is introduced, our mechanics will then be able to diagnose a number of common problems by inspecting the fluid after a few days of use. Of course, this is also a standard maintenance task that’s important to transmission health.

Transmission Fluid Exchange

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