Multi-Point Inspection Service

Multi-Point Inspections Are a Breeze at Jennings Volkswagen

A multi-point inspection is like an annual checkup for your Volkswagen but without the headache of scheduling a special appointment and dedicating your day to the visit. At Jennings Volkswagen in Glenview, IL, we provide complimentary multi-point inspections and can make the service part of your next visit for an oil change. We are conveniently located within walking distance of the Golf train station. Also, We offer courtesy shuttle services, loaners, and Uber or Lyft services if you need to return to the office or prefer to head home while work is completed.

What Happens in a Multi-Point Inspection?

Just like a personal physical examines all your vital stats, the multi-point inspection is a closer look at all major systems in your car. In a Volkswagen inspection, certified technicians check all of your fluid levels and examine the fluid itself for signs of degradation — a key indication the fluid needs changed and the system more closely examined. The technician also examines belts, hoses, filters, wiper blades, your battery, the tread on your tires, your headlights, front and rear brakes, and CV boots and joints. Basically, all of your car parts that need maintenance or replacement at regular intervals are reviewed.

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Why Would I Need a Multi-Point Inspection?

There is an old expression — an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure — and it applies well to car maintenance. By having your key systems examined regularly, you can identify any warning signs before they become alarms. For example, suppose technicians identify degraded coolant, transmission fluid, or oil outside of a regular change. In that case, it can be an indication your car is running too hot or that there is an additional problem. An early ID on a thinning belt or leaking hose means it can be replaced before it leaves you looking for a place to pull over on the highway or stranded on the roadside.

How Often Should I Have a Multi-Point Inspection?

A multi-point inspection should be part of your regular oil change, and with our complimentary services, there is no reason to skip this important check. You can also request the service at any other visit. Should you have skipped a multi-point inspection for several months, make time for it within one year.

Multi-Point Inspection

Why is Jennings Volkswagen a Good Option?

At Jennings Volkswagen, we fold our complimentary multi-point inspection into many of your other service visits to ensure you are always driving as safely as possible. Our certified technicians are Volkswagen pros and able to assess the nuances of your particular vehicle. If we identify a problem, we can replace your part or fluids with original equipment manufacturer parts to maintain optimum performance for your ride.


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