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VW Check Engine Light Diagnosis

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Certified Check Engine Light Diagnosis at Jennings Volkswagen in Glenview, IL

There are a lot of lights on our dashboard. They can be anything from engine temperature to an icy road indicator, but one of the most urgent ones is the check engine light. The check engine light normally comes on and stays on, but if it starts blinking, you need to pull over and stop the car, then call for a tow. However, most of the time, it comes on and stays on, and at Jennings Volkswagen, we can diagnose that check engine light for you at our service department.

Diagnosing the Check Engine Light

Our certified technicians start with the computer in your car to diagnose the check engine light. Each time the check engine light comes on, the computer has a code that explains what caused it to illuminate and which sensors were triggered in the fuel line. Our experts can use that information to triangulate possible areas of dysfunction in your car, and they’ll test their theories until they find the issue. Then they report back to you so that you can decide what comes next.

Why a Check Engine Light Comes On

As we mentioned, a check engine light comes on because of a bad reading on a sensor. These sensors are lining your fuel system, which goes from your gas tank through to the tailpipe. Each one measures specific types of gas, and they have acceptable ranges programmed into them. When the amount of a gas gets above or below the acceptable range, the sensor sends a signal to the computer, turning on the check engine light.

Our Certified Technicians Know Volkswagens In and Out

Since diagnosis is based on the knowledge and expertise of the technician, you likely want someone who has studied auto repair, and hopefully, someone who knows the specific unique characteristics of a Volkswagen. Our certified technicians are credentialed in both auto repair or service and Volkswagen service and repair. We only let the best of experts work with your car, and you can count on our technicians to give you their all and treat your car right.

Check Engine Light Diagnosis

Come to Jennings Volkswagen for Your Check Engine Diagnosis

Check engine lights can turn on for minor quirks that likely won’t happen again, but that’s no reason to ignore them. They can also turn on for significant dysfunctions of your engine, and those dysfunctions will only worsen if ignored. We urge you to get your check engine light diagnosed as soon as it comes on, and that way, we can help you before anything worse develops. Set up your appointment with our online scheduler today! We proudly serve the areas of Glenview, Skokie, Morton Grove, Northfield, and Wilmette.


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