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Lease a Volkswagen in Evanston, IL


Are you looking for a flexible Volkswagen lease near Evanston, Illinois? While you’ll find plenty of affordable VW leases here at Jennings Volkswagen, it’s important to know the ins and outs of auto leases before making a decision. You’ll want to ask yourself a few key questions: Do you want the freedom to easily trade-in your car every few years for a newer or different model? Do you want to save money with a smaller down payment and lower monthly car payments than with a typical auto loan? Do you tend to drive fewer than 12K miles annually, and keep wear and tear on your vehicles to a minimum? If so, one of our Volkswagen leases near Evanston, IL, could be an excellent financing option for you. If, however, you want to own your vehicle outright without having to worry about annual mileage caps or excess wear and tear, one of our other Volkswagen financing solutions or auto loans might be a better match for your goals. To learn more, call or visit the finance center at Jennings Volkswagen.


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Benefits of Leasing vs Buying a Volkswagen from our Evanston, IL Volkswagen Dealership

Benefits Leasing Buying
Ownership x
Lower Down Payment x
Lower Monthly Payment x
No Mileage Limit x
Vehicle Customization x
Easier Trade In x

Find a Volkswagen Model to Lease
Glenview, IL | Chicago, IL | Evanston, IL

At Jennings Volkswagen near Evanston, IL, you can explore the entire VW lineup, including the adventurous Volkswagen Atlas, the versatile VW Tiguan, the efficient Volkswagen Passat, and the classic VW Jetta. And since all of our innovative VW models are available for lease, you won’t need to travel far and wide to connect with low monthly auto payments and a well-designed new Volkswagen vehicle you love. To experience the latest in cutting-edge technology and minimalist style from the Volkswagen family of vehicles, signup for a Volkswagen leases today.

Choose the Right Volkswagen Lease for You

If you decide that one of our Volkswagen leases near Evanston, IL, isn’t the right fit, the finance department at Jennings Volkswagen can connect you to a traditional auto loan, Volkswagen incentives, or another special VW financing solution. We will also give you a quote for the trade-in value of your current vehicle. Call or visit our financing center to learn more about our offerings or get pre-approved today!

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