Volkswagen College Graduate Program

Volkswagen College Graduate Program Glenview, IL

“Don’t trip...don’t trip….don’t trip...wait...which side do I flip the tassel to again?” Your name is announced. You cross the center stage. You shake hands with the chancellor, and just like that, in a blur, you’ve graduated and a new chapter of your life begins. After semesters of hard work, a few missed lectures here and there, and cafeteria food you just might miss some day, it’s time to enter the “real world.”

Volkswagen realizes the need for an independent and reliable means of transportation but also understands the importance of staying within the confines of your budget. Throughout the Volkswagen College Graduate Program in Glenview, IL, there are a number of options to getting your first vehicle. Everyone’s situation is unique, but the important thing is that you make the best possible decision for you.

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Volkswagen will give you a $500 a rebate toward the purchase (or lease) of a new vehicle. New and pre-owned Volkswagen inventories can be seen online, and drivers are always welcome to come in for a test drive. Once the vehicle is paid off, it’s entirely yours. No payments ever again!


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Not sure where life will lead you within the next couple of years? Rather than committing to the purchase of a vehicle, try leasing for two or three years. Even better yet, there won’t be a security deposit and our rates are always competitive so that you can count on getting the best deal possible.



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We understand what it’s like to be a “broke college kid.” Allow our financing team talk over possible options and find a solution that works best for you with our Volkswagen Credit program. Not only will you have a wide variety of VW models to choose from, but you can count on a good rate too!


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VW College Graduate Program Highlights and Qualifications

Graduating college is no easy feat and isn’t something that should just be overlooked. Volkswagen believes that college graduation is an achievement worth rewarding and that’s why when you buy or lease through Volkswagen Credit, Volkswagen will give you a $500 rebate toward the purchase (or lease) of a new vehicle. Also, if you do choose to lease, there is no security deposit required.

As a college student, you more than likely haven’t had the time or opportunity to build up and establish credit; therefore, a credit history is not required. Drivers who do have an existing credit score will need to be in good standing though. Also, one other bonus to the program is that you won’t have to worry about finding a cosigner, one is not necessary.

To learn more about the Volkswagen College Graduate Program, we would like to welcome you here to Jennings Volkswagen. For those of you who already are interested, below are the following requirements that you must meet in order to apply:

  • Must have graduated within the past 24 months or will graduate within the next 6 months from an accredited US or Canadian College
  • Need to have a full-time (permanent) job or written commitment from future employer.

When you do arrive here at Jennings VW, in order to be eligible, you will be asked to provide the following items:

  • Copy of your degree or transcript with contact information for your college or university
  • Proof of income and full-time employment as well as contact information for human resources or payroll
  • Contact information for two personal references, one of which must be a relative


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