Volkswagen Warranties and Protection Plans Chicago, IL

Volkswagen Warranties and Protection Plans Chicago, IL

Every bump, thump and clunk that occurs after your manufacturer’s bumper-to-bumper warranty ends can only mean lots of cash coming straight out of your pocket; that is unless, you choose extended warranty coverage. 

Jennings Volkswagen recommends five specific, value-priced warranty packages and protection plans which allows you to pick and choose the most comprehensive and affordable coverage for your VW. Our goal is to help cast the widest range of coverage over your Volkswagen for the lowest dollar amount. Brief summaries of each plan can be found below. If you would like further information or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Term Select Care

“Drive Easy Warranty Program”

Whether you choose to finance or lease a new vehicle, there always is the chance that routine maintenance services may be needed, or that a more serious mechanical breakdown could occur. In either of these events, having a comprehensive protection plan that prepares for the unexpected and covers things not under the manufacturer’s warranty plan can provide additional peace of mind.

The Protector

“Paint and Interior Shield”

Get the ultimate protection plan for all new, lease, and pre-driven vehicles. The paint protection plan helps to protect against environment damage from insects, UV sun damage, tree sap, weather induced fading, and more. The interior protection guards against common stains, gum, ink, urine, mold, fading and discoloration. The interior coverage includes repairs from rips, tears and burns. You’re covered!

Backup camera

All-in-One Program

“Six Essential Programs, One Low Price”

Cover all of your bases with the All-in-One program; a broader and better “bumper-to-bumper” plan. Roll six key programs into one affordable package, including the following: tire and wheel protection, key/remote replacement, dent and ding protection, 24-hour emergency towing and roadside assistance, windshield repair protection, and complete asset registration protection.

Volkswagen Interior

Premier Essential Vehicle Service Contract

“Extended Service Contract”

The Premier Essential Vehicle Service Contract is the most beneficial to drivers. It’s designed to provide the most comprehensive coverage for the repair of mechanical and electrical components. Today’s cars are getting more complex requiring replacement vs. repair of computer modules and components. The Essential Vehicle Service Contract will help protect your car and your budget. Consider a quality, value-priced warranty policy from Jennings VW. 

Volkswagen headlights

Lease Excess Wear Protection

“Safe Lease”

Over the course of a lease term normal wear and tear is normal, but unfortunately, unexpected damage can happen along the way. Rather than risk incurring additional charges at the end of your lease, the Volkswagen Credit Lease Excess Wear Protection plan (SAFE LEASE) is available to cover the cost of damage like dents, scratches, chipped paint, chipped glass, interior damage, and more.


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