Bad Spark Plug Symptoms

February 13th, 2019 by

Mechanic removing a Spark Plug to inspect the gap and conditionA spark plug may seem like just a simple component of your vehicle, but these tiny parts play a crucial role in beginning the combustion process inside of your engine. If your vehicle did not contain spark plugs, it would not be possible to ignite the fuel in the combustion chamber.

Typically, spark plugs function properly for quite some time, usually between 30,000 and 50,000 miles. Spark plugs often show signs of wear as time goes on. Wondering how to tell if a spark plug is bad? Take a look at some of the common bad spark plug symptoms below before visiting our service center.

Is it a Bad Spark Plug?

  • Decreased Fuel Efficiency – When spark plugs work as they should, they ensure that fuel burns efficiently during the combustion cycle. If your vehicle appears to be consuming more fuel, a bad spark plug could be to blame.
  • Rough Idle – Do you notice an unusual sound when your vehicle is idle in addition to vibrations? A bad spark plug can cause a cylinder to misfire when the car is idle.
  • Difficult Starting – If your vehicle struggles to start, worn spark plugs could be to blame.
  • Delayed Acceleration – If your vehicle is running sluggishly or you notice slower acceleration than usual, it could signal worn spark plugs.
  • Engine Surges or Hesitation – When your engine hesitates during acceleration, the spark plugs may be causing more air to be taken in during combustion. You may also notice sudden surges in power.
  • Engine Misfires – A spark plug wire or the tip of a spark plug may be damaged, and that could be the cause of an engine misfire.

Visit Jennings Volkswagen for All of Your Service Needs

If you are not sure how to change spark plugs or if you want to know if a spark plug is bad, the knowledgeable and friendly technicians at the Jennings Volkswagen service center are here to help. Schedule your next appointment today. Our team can help resolve everything from a bad spark plug to water leaking from under your car.

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