Active Safety Features

Imagine your dream vehicle. Ignore the price tag and add on any features you could possibly want. The vehicle is all yours, but comes at the price of not being able to protect you and your passengers in the event of a collision. Suddenly the vehicle is entirely worthless because a vehicle that isn’t safe, and cannot keep you secure, isn’t worth your purchase.

Year after year, no matter the vehicle model or trim level, Volkswagen has always made certain that safety takes precedence. Needless to say, standard safety is a top priority and advanced safety systems are offered additionally. During the Volkswagen Safety in Numbers Event at Jennings VW, we have chosen to highlight and explain a few of the active safety features you can count on while driving in a Volkswagen.

When conditions are slippery, and you as the driver are forced to brake quickly, the job of the anti-lock braking system is to prevent the wheels from locking up. Sensors are used to monitor how quickly the wheels are rotating and if the system detects that a wheel is about to lock up, it can reduce the amount of brake pressure, helping the wheels to rotate freely.


The Electronic Brake-Force Distribution helps a vehicle to maintain its center of gravity. When a vehicle’s brakes are applied, naturally the center of gravity will shift forward due to its momentum. The EBD will help to even out the amount of braking being provided by the front and rear wheels and prevent any over-braking from the rear wheels.


In the event of a panic braking situation, the Volkswagen Hydraulic Brake Assist system is able to help boost brake pressure so long as the driver is pressing down on the brake pedal. As the driver alleviates how hard they are pushing down on the pedal, the HBA will begin reducing its brake pressure as well.

Panic can quickly rise when a vehicle begins to skid out of control, but fortunately the Electronic Stabilization Control is in place when such situations arise. The system is able to detect the direction you are steering in and within a split second, calculate the vehicle’s driving state in order to help correct the loss of control.

Automatic Slip Regulation helps vehicles with high-torque engines to better gauge how tightly they should be gripping the pavement. Traction control is used to help reduce wear and tear on the tires as a number of systems work in tandem to detect how much speed is being issued and if the wheels are losing their grip and beginning to slip.


Helping to create a smooth and comfortable ride on different types of road surfaces, the Electronic Differential Lock intuitively knows which wheels to direct power to in order to better grip. The EDL works in part with the ASR and ESC in order to maintain traction and keep the vehicle stable.


Engine Braking Assist--this system has one job and one job only to perform and that is to help prevent any skidding that may occur on slippery surfaces. Rain, snow, sleet, grit, and gravel all can make for hazardous conditions, but you will be able to remain calm, cool, and collected while behind the wheel.

Intelligent Crash Response System takes hold in a worse case scenario when the airbags have been deployed. The vehicle knows to immediately do the following things: turn on the hazard lights, unlock all doors, disconnect the fuel system from the engine, and shut down electric systems. If the VW vehicle has Car-Net, Emergency Responders will be contacted.

Volkswagen Safety Feature

All eight of these safety features work together to help keep your vehicle stable and you in control. The top priority is to try and prevent a collision at all costs, but in the event one cannot be avoided, Volkswagen vehicles are designed to redirect impact and protect you and your passengers. In addition to standard safety features, Volkswagen offers a number of advanced safety systems as well. Click on any of the links below to learn more about how Volkswagen looks out for you:

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