Model Comparisons

Volkswagen Atlas

VW went far too long without a three-row SUV, but that’s all changed with the Atlas. This full-size model can comfortably seat up to seven, with even adults having plenty of legroom when sitting in the back.


Volkswagen Beetle

It’s an icon for a reason. The Beetle started off as the original people’s car, and it hold the imaginations of many drivers who love the feeling of nostalgia this unique model brings with its design.

Beetle vs Mini Cooper
Beetle vs Sonic

Volkswagen CC

Once known as the Comfort Coupe option for the Passat, the CC has taken on a life of its own. This model brings a premium feel to the non-luxury brand with its coupe-like styling and design.


Volkswagen Golf

The Volkswagen Golf is the second longest-running model in the lineup, and it stays popular thanks to its practical appeal. The hatchback design provides plenty of cargo space and the turbo keeps it peppy.

Golf vs Mazda3

Volkswagen Golf Alltrack

On the outside it looks like a station wagon, only more aggressive. This hints at the standard 4Motion system found in the Golf Alltrack that allows the model to handle uneven terrain comfortably.

Golf Alltrack vs Forester

Volkswagen Golf GTI

The original hot hatch, the Golf GTI continues strong as a favorite among enthusiasts. Whether you want the original Clark Plaid upholstery or a more upscale interior, there are plenty of options for the GTI.

Golf GTI vs Focus ST
Golf GTI vs Mazda3 Hatchback

Volkswagen Golf R

Have you fallen in love with the Golf GTI, but want even more? This is where the Golf R steps in. The model has all the features of the famous hot hatch, but is tuned to offer even more performance.


Volkswagen Golf SportWagen

When you have a family, you don’t necessarily travel light, but that doesn’t mean you want a bulky SUV. The Golf SportWagen is just right with its compact design but increased cargo space.

Golf SportWagen vs Outback

Volkswagen Jetta

Don’t let its simple styling confuse you. The Jetta is a fun and high-quality option with a variety of trims and engine options to provide a fantastic selection of options to drivers looking for a simple sedan.

Jetta vs Cruze
Jetta vs Civic vs Corolla
Jetta vs Elantra
2016 vs 2016 Jetta
Jetta vs Sentra

Volkswagen Passat

It’s hard to pass on the Passat, as the model offers an attractive exterior that is only outdone by its high-quality interior design. Add premium features and it’s a package built for modern families.

Passat vs Accord
Passat vs Camry vs Altima
Passat vs Fusion
Passat vs Sonata
Passat vs Mazda6

Volkswagen Tiguan

Why shouldn’t there be more crossovers that mix fun and functional? The Tiguan is a spirited model that offers a roomy interior and premium features while still being easy to navigate through city streets.

Tiguan vs CR-V vs RAV4
Tiguan vs Escape
Tiguan vs Rogue

Volkswagen Touareg

Who is the Volkswagen Touareg for? Those who want it all. The bigger size offers excellent visibility and space, creating a comfortable atmosphere that is aided by all the latest in automotive technology.

Touareg vs Q5