What Are the Performance Features of the Volkswagen Golf GTI?

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Volkswagen Golf GTI

The 2018 Volkswagen Golf GTI adds pulse pounding performance to the favorite Volkswagen hatchback. All models include these performance systems:

  • Sport-tuned suspension
  • Electromechanical progressive power steering
  • XDS+ cross differential system
  • 2.0L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine with 220 hp

Explore Golf GTI Performance Specs at Jennings Volkswagen

On top of those standard performance systems, you can add performance brakes, paddle shifters, and DCC adaptive chassis control. If you choose the new hot hatch from Volkswagen, you’ll receive the following performance specs:

  • 2018 Volkswagen Golf GTI
    • Horsepower: 220 hp
    • Torque: 258 lb-ft
    • EPA-Estimated Fuel Economy (City): 25 mpg*
    • EPA-Estimated Fuel Economy (Highway): 33 mpg*

In addition, a standard Driving Mode Selection allows you to adjust the performance characteristics of the Golf to suit the demands of the road. The following settings are available:

  • Eco
  • Comfort
  • Normal
  • Sport
  • Custom

To learn more about the Golf GTI (including its high tech approach to safety), contact Jennings Volkswagen in Glenview, IL. We also offer low-interest car loans to customers from Evanston and beyond, so stop by today!


*Based on EPA estimates. See www.fueleconomy.gov for details. Your mileage will vary and depends on several factors, including your driving habits and vehicle condition.

Top 5 Reasons to Visit the Jennings Volkswagen Service Center

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diagnostic service at jennings vw

With so many options for service, you might be wondering why you should visit the service department at Jennings Volkswagen. Compared to other dealerships and local garages, we offer the following advantages:

  • Our service center includes an on-site body shop that can take care of collision repairs.
  • We’re open on Saturday and on weekday evenings, and you can schedule a maintenance appointment that works around your schedule.
  • Our technicians are specifically trained in the needs of Volkswagen vehicles, and they can conduct services ranging from oil changes to transmission repair.
  • An on-site tire store with a wide inventory of tires for VW vehicles takes care of installation and balancing.
  • Loaner vehicles, a comfortable waiting area, and a quiet workspace provides more flexibility during service appointments

Bring Your VW Vehicle to Jennings Volkswagen Today

On top of those benefits, you can also take advantage of limited time service specials. Visit us today for maintenance at 201 Waukegan Rd. in Glenview, just a short trip from Evanston, IL.

How Do I Change the Brake Pads on my Volkswagen?

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VW Service

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If your Volkswagen vehicle is showing signs your brakes are wearing out, follow these steps to safely switch out the old brake pads. Keep in mind that these instructions are intended for caliper brakes:

  1. To start, loosen the lug nuts on your wheel. Then jack your vehicle up when it’s on a level surface, but make sure the parking brake is deactivated.
  2. Remove the slider bolt.
  3. Pivot the brake caliper up, but don’t disconnect the hydraulic lines.
  4. Remove the old brakes.
  5. Your new brakes will come with retaining clips. Snap those into place, then apply grease to the brake pads to prevent squeaking.
  6. Slide the new brake pads into place.
  7. Use a C-clamp or a small piece of wood to leverage the piston or pistons back into place.
  8. Check the brake fluid level after you replace each pad, as it can overflow.
  9. Return the caliper back to its original position.
  10. Tighten the slider bolt, mount the tire, and tighten up the lug nuts.
  11. Test drive the car in low speed conditions to ensure everything is installed correctly.

Evanston Drivers Turn to Jennings Volkswagen for Service

To purchase genuine Volkswagen parts like new brake pads, visit Jennings Volkswagen. You can also schedule a service appointment in Glenview, IL and a highly trained member of our service team will install them. Our most popular service specials often include brake repair and maintenance, so contact us today to get the ball rolling!

3 Signs It’s Time for New Tires on Your Volkswagen

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Volkswagen Service tech with tire

Regularly checking the health of your tires is a smart thing to do. It’ll help you avoid blowouts and flats, as well as retaining a strong grip on the road. Keep an eye out for these warning signs:

  • Tread – Got a penny? Stick it into the tread of your tire with Honest Abe’s head facing down. If you can still see his entire head, it’s time for new tires.
  • Sidewall – A crack in the sidewall could be a sign that you’re about to have a blowout. That could lead to an unsafe situation while travelling the highways around Evanston, IL. Look for unexpected bulges as well.
  • Vibrations – If you notice a sudden change in road vibrations, bring your Volkswagen to a reputable service center. Your wheels, tires, shock absorbers, or other critical systems may be compromised.

Where Can I Get New Volkswagen Tires in Glenview?

Volkswagen vehicles deserve the best in service, and that’s what you’ll get at Jennings Volkswagen. We offer frequent service specials, and our tire store stocks tires from many different brands. Schedule an appointment to bring your Volkswagen in today!

Which Car Loan is Best – Dealership or Bank?

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Car loan

Whether you’re ready to buy a new Volkswagen or a used car in the Glenview area, it’s likely that you’ll take advantage of vehicle financing . But it’s imperative that you do your research before signing on the dotted light to ensure that you’re getting the lowest monthly payment and the best interest rate available for your car or SUV. Learn more about the differences between financing through the dealership versus financing with a bank or credit union to determine which is right for you, then rely on the Jennings VW finance department to walk you through the process!

How to Find the Lowest Rate

There’s no surefire way to tell whether your dealer will offer a lower interest rate than your bank; in many cases, dealer financing is actually the same as bank financing. The dealer simply goes to the bank and does the legwork for you. However, it can be beneficial to go to your bank before choosing your vehicle so you can find out their rate first. Then, you can compare that to your dealer’s and see if your dealer can match the rate if the bank’s is lower.

Two people driving in new car

Dealer Financing

  • Pros : Automakers will occasionally have promotions where they offer very low interest rates on new cars, which a typical bank wouldn’t do. Dealers will also “shop around” so to speak, and will find the best bank rate in the area.
  • Cons : Dealer financing is a common option because it offers the simplest route to buyers – they can choose and finance without leaving the dealership. However, it’s important to ensure that your dealership isn’t marking up the bank’s rates in order to make money.

Bank Financing

  • Pros : The main advantage of car financing through a bank is that they won’t mark up interest rates as some dealers might. Because of this there’s no middleman, so rates could potentially be better.
  • Cons : You can negotiate interest rates with your dealer, but banks will typically offer just one rate. They also won’t shop your credit around to lenders like dealers do.

Rely on Jennings VW for All Things Finance

Whether you opt to finance with the dealership or the bank, you can rely on the knowledgable Jennings VW finance department to help you through every step of the way. Contact us for more information, and make your way to our Glenview dealership to browse our new vehicle inventory in person!

Leasing a Car: What Is It, and What Does It Mean?

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2018 Volkswagen Jetta SE

Buying a car is a big commitment, and determining if you should buy or lease can be confusing. Both finance options offer pros and cons. We’ve put together this useful guide to help you understand what it means to lease a vehicle, so you can make a more informed decision. Once you have a better understanding of the leasing process, get in touch with our financing department to set up a personalized payment plan that’s right for your budget.

What is a Lease?

Leasing is an affordable short-term version of financingLeasing is often compared to a long-term car rental, but it’s different from renting. When leasing a vehicle, the lessee actually finances the vehicle for the value of the car over predetermined amount time, as opposed to the total value itself.

people with Volkswagen
Wolkswagen hatch
Wolkswagen SUV

What are the Benefits of Leasing?

There are many benefits to leasing a vehicle, but perhaps the biggest draw is the prospect of driving a new car every three-or-more years. Another benefit is the cost of monthly payments. Lease payments are generally lower than financing payments, since lease payments cover the cost of a lessee’s designated time with the vehicle, rather than paying for the overall cost in the case of financing. Additionally, maintenance costs on a lease are often under warranty, so there are no added service charges should you need a tune-up.

Should I Lease my Vehicle?

This is often the toughest question to ask yourself when car shopping, but it really depends on your needs and preferences. Should you need assistance with calculating possible monthly payments, or have any other questions about leasing, you can always contact our financing department and speak to one of our experts.

Lease Your Vehicle at Jennings VW

When you’ve found the new Volkswagen car or SUV that suits your needs or your lifestyle, choose Jennings VW in Glenview! Contact us to learn more about our current lease offers discuss an appropriate payment plan!

When Should I Get My Oil Changed?

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oil change

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Getting oil changes at regular intervals is one of the most important responsibilities you have as a vehicle owner, whether you’re the owner of a new Volkswagen or a used vehicle of a different make and model. The rule of thumb used to be to get your oil changed every three months or 3,000 miles, whichever came first. New engineering and research has changed that common wisdom, though, and it’s generally agreed that most vehicles are okay with getting an oil change around every 5,000 miles. These intervals can vary slightly depending on the vehicle, though, so it’s important to check your owner’s manual or get in touch with your Glenview Volkswagen service center to make sure you know the particulars for your make and model.

Why Are Oil Changes So Important?

Oil is the lubricant that prevents excessive friction between the pistons and the inner walls of the housing. If you wait too long to get your oil changed , the oil can run low or get filled with debris. When that happens, excessive engine heating can occur, decreasing the performance and efficiency of the vehicle and putting you and those around you at risk.

Volkswagen oil change

How Do I Change My Oil?

If you would like to change your own oil, there are a number of steps you will need to take, including:

  1. Choosing the right kind of oil
  2. Preparing supplies and vehicle
  3. Draining oil from the drain plug
  4. Tightening the drain plug
  5. Changing the oil filter
  6. Adding new oil
  7. Making sure the oil level is right

Schedule Your Oil Change in Glenview

At Jennings VW, we make it easy to schedule an appointment for an oil change. We aim for speedy, efficient service to have you back on the road in no time. Before you book your appointment, be sure to check out our current service specials for any deals we’re currently running. Our service center is located in Glenview, IL, and you can always contact us if you have any questions about Volkswagen oil changes.

How Does Trading in a Car Work?

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Man gives keys to dealer

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Glenview drivers enjoy having a car that makes sense for their needs, which sometimes means getting out with the old and in with the new. If you currently have a vehicle that’s no longer working for you, then you may want to trade it in for a new model. This process is pretty easy, but it does require you to fully understand how everything works to ensure you’re not being taken advantage of. You’ll want to know your vehicle’s value, get an estimate, and then negotiate the deal.

Find Vehicle Value

In order to fully understand how to trade in your vehicle for the best value, you need to first know what it’s worth. Do some research on your car to find out what you can expect to get. You can use tools like the Kelley Blue Book website to see what the average going rate for your vehicle is. You can also look at what other models like yours are going for on private websites as well as on dealer websites. By knowing this information, you can start to have an idea of what you’ll get for your vehicle if you decide to trade it in for something else.


Once you know what your vehicle’s value, you can use this to start getting some quotes. Most dealerships will give you an estimate for your vehicle as a trade in, so visit those in your area that offer this service. Use what they say against what you know about the value of your vehicle to see if this is a good price for you. If you like what you hear, you can then use that information to decide where you’re going to trade in that vehicle for the best price.

Two people driving in new car


Depending on where you’re going to trade in your vehicle, you can also start to negotiate the value of your trade. For instance, some dealerships may give you additional incentives, such as additional money towards a new vehicle if you opt to purchase from them, or possibly giving you some other perks towards a new car. Plus, if you know that other dealerships in the area are offering more for your trade, use this to help the dealership of your choice to get you the price you want for your vehicle.

Trade in Your Vehicle at Jennings VW

Jennings VW helps Glenview drivers get the most money for your trade in. Not only do we value your trade, but we also have a great selection of new and used vehicles for you to choose from to trade your vehicle in for. Contact us to learn more, or visit us today!

The VW Warranty Ranks Among America’s Best

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2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

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Purchasing a Volkswagen means purchasing years of security thanks to the VW warranty. Volkswagen has taken that security further, now offering the best SUV warranty available on the market: a 6-year/72,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty for both the 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan and 2018 Volkswagen Atlas. Drive with confidence with the New Vehicle Limited Warranty coverage. Jennings VW in Glenview is excited to extend this benefit to our customers!

Volkswagen Has You Covered

The 2018 Tiguan and Atlas aren’t the only new VW vehicles offering generous warranty coverage, but we’re proud to announce that these benefits outdo competitors’ warranties. Research shows that drivers tend to keep their vehicle for six years—and VW is paying attention. For six years, you’ll receive the following:

  • Technology Covered: New VW SUVs include luxuries like a Fender Premium Audio System and the Volkswagen Digital Cockpit—both of which are covered.
  • Transferrable Benefits: Should you decide to sell your vehicle before the warranty is over, the new owner will inherit coverage at no additional cost.
  • Powertrain Confidence: If your vehicle malfunctions due to a mechanical defect, Volkswagen will perform repairs at any authorized dealer at no cost to you.
Volkswagen Jetta
Volkswagen Interior

VW Warranty Against the Competition

Other automakers include limited warranties on new purchases, but they leave you high and dry before defects can rear their ugly head. Volkswagen stands by every new vehicle that leaves the dealership for your protection and satisfaction.

  • Popular SUV coverage is limited to 36,000 miles—half of the bumper-to-bumper warranty for the Atlas and Tiguan.
  • Even on the high end, automakers like Hyundai and Kia max out at 5-year/60,000-mile warranties.
  • You’re covered under the hood and inside the cabin.

Find Your Volkswagen Today

Browse our inventory with a knowledgeable sales specialist at Jennings VW. Then, contact us when you’re ready to make an appointment. We offer competitive financing and easy lease deals for our Evanston and Chicago customers, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!

What Are the 2018 Volkswagen Touareg Safety Features?

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2018 VW Tuareg Driving

The Volkswagen Touareg safety features offer drivers access to impressively advanced engineering, as well as the latest technology guaranteed take some of the stress out of the daily drive.

Intelligent Design

The Touareg is built to protect cabin occupants from the world outside its doors with solid design elements that include:

  • High-Strength Steel: A high-strength steel reinforced safety cage provides a rigid support structure, while specially alloyed steel in select exterior body panels help the vehicle to maintain its shape in the event of an impact.

  • Crumple Zones: Strategically placed front and rear crumple zones absorb the force of impact to prevent harm to those inside.

  • Advanced Airbags: More than just cushions of air, the next-generation airbags system protects passengers at all seating positions.

  • Crash Optimization: A crash-optimized front end and crash-optimized pedal controls allow certain parts of the vehicle to deform in an accident, reducing the danger of serious injury to the driver.

  • 4MOTION AWD: Drivers can choose to add the convenience of 4MOTION all-wheel-drive for better traction on slippery surfaces.

Progressive Technology

The Volkswagen Touareg also offers Evanston commuters a host of standard and available safety systems designed to help avoid collisions. These include:

  • Antilock Braking

  • Anti-Slip Regulation

  • Electronic Stability Control

  • Electronic Differential Lock

  • Engine Braking Assist

  • Hill Descent Assist

  • Rollover Sensor System

  • Automatic Locking Retractors

  • Tire Pressure Monitoring

  • Automatic Post Collision Braking

  • Autonomous Emergency Braking

  • Lane Change Assist

  • Lane Departure Warning

  • Adaptive Cruise Control

  • Park Distance Control

Every Volkswagen is also equipped with the security of Intelligent Crash Response. In the event of a collision where the airbags are deployed, the ICRS system will cut the power to the fuel pump, unlock the doors, and activate the vehicle’s hazard lights, making it easier for emergency personnel to locate the vehicle.

VW Brake
2018 VW Diagram

Explore the Volkswagen Touareg Safety Features at Jennings VW

Contact us today or visit our showroom in Glenview, Illinois to learn more about the Volkswagen Touareg and take it for a test drive. We’ll also walk you through your financing options, so you can purchase a Touareg at a price you can afford.